Home Kitchen, Basement Remodelling in Calgary & Airdrie

At Frycor in Calgary and Airdrie, we believe that the most critical element of a successful home remodelling or renovation project is you! We are committed to bringing your dream for the perfect kitchen, bathroom, garage, condominium or other residential or commercial space to life with honest, professional and reliable service. Whether it is a home, office, restaurant or retail space, we collaborate with you to create an exquisite space with a personal touch.

The Three Pillars of Frycor:


Whether it’s an office, workshop, palace, house, ballroom or a super hero’s hideout, all of these spaces are home when we inhabit them. These spaces begin life as a blank canvas of walls ceilings and floors before they become room upon room of precise measurements comprised of plaster, brick, wood and glass.

And yet, a home is more than a design of rooms and things. A structure bears witness to our lives. As life’s journey unravels, a life shapes a home and a home shapes a life. A space is not simply a collection of wood, stone and steel; it speaks. Its voice reflecting back to us what we deem the most important in life. Our homes should speak of us.


We feel that design is defined by harmony, elegance and solutions.

Harmony is a universal concept that can be seen but it is often far more visceral, reaching us on a much deeper level. Harmony is about balance, stability, contrast, distinction and symmetry. Harmony is where many parts beautifully work together toward one end.

Elegance is a pleasure given by the experience of interacting with a great space. It can be bold, subtle, soft, or hard. It plays no favourites in working alongside any style to make it functional. Elegance is the secret ingredient to great design.

Design must be a solution to a problem. The target of any design is meeting the needs of specific situations. If that is done with elegance and intentionality one may never know what the problem was to begin with.


Building is the execution that brings your design to life. This is where the hands of the craftsmen meet the mind of the designer. The build stage asks different questions about functionality and how it will adapt to changing times and trends. Quality in craft and product matter greatly here. Speed, efficiency and price are of importance, but not if they cost us quality. The goal of the build is not only to make the design a reality but to also make it last.

We have used these three pillars to build beautiful commercial and residential spaces. Let us put our wealth of experience in the industry to work for you throughout the concept, design and building phases of your renovation project. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free quote!


We renovate bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages, condos and exteriors!